the first Word

“Ok guys you will be working in Alcheringa this year!”


In my head: “Yay, music, dance, concerts, celebrities!”

“You are doing the MUN.”

“The what?”

And hence, the journey of a thousand miles, began with gaping mouths. Alcheringa, always associated with fun, frolic and culture, will host sharply dressed men and women, playing “diplomat” and debating each other to shreds. Well, the idea was alluring. We’d be the pioneers of IITGMUN, and leave a legacy behind. Besides, who doesn’t like to dress up once in a while?

Anyway, as happens with every pioneer, pitfalls were queuing to litter our path as well. Every aspect of the work, from the logo placement on the website homepage, to what clips to put in the promo, never got completed without an argument. And to top it, the deadlines sometimes drove the team into a frenzy, with the query of “How much longer?” rippling down the chain of command, and coming back as “Almost done”! You know people are going completely crazy when you hear statements like “The scene in the movie Schindler’s list where Oscar pinned the badge on his whatsapp” and “Or I shall just delete that line and send it to Karan and ask him to shrink”.

Anyway, in the last few months, I did learn a few valuable lessons like “You write well if you write everyday”; “Facebook has many more uses than liking duck-face pics and posting silly updates”; “You can bring the creative guy to the poster, but you can’t make him design it” etc. As the date approaches, we look forward in anticipation of a stellar experience, and the International Press will bring you every piece of action, and reaction, as and when it comes.

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