The Journey So Far…

Another New Year’s has come and passed, and now the audience is waiting for the next edition of the IITG Model United Nations. As the Secretariat is running around, placing the props, readying the lines, motions becoming more and more frantic as the looming deadline nears and the stage beckons, we begin to reflect on the journey that brought us here.

In the beginning, we were doe-eyed and inexperienced, filled with both reverence and trepidation as the legacy of the IITG MUN was passed on to us to uphold. But we learned on the job, and with the help of those-who-came-before-us, we were well on our way. As time passed, we grew more confident, and our dreams began to take shape. We wanted a conference that would have an impact on the participants – something that they not only enjoyed, but learned from. For that reason, we decided that the focus of our conference would be those issues that the world willfully ignores, but are slowly chipping away at our societies. These are the kinds of issues that are swept under the rug by powerful nations, and trampled under the feet of their weaker allies.

The first agenda is “International Accountability for Arms Trade” in DISEC. Even though it has been over half a century since the establishment of the UN, a universal agreement to monitor and control the trade of arms still hasn’t been put in place. The only assumption that can be made is that nations are unwilling to part with the profit they make from unregulated trade, that they cannot make with regulated trade. This profit is essentially money made from selling weapons to suspect buyers, who don’t have any compunctions about how the weapons are used. If this type of trade, along with the smuggling of weapons on the Black Market could be eradicated, then much of the instability in our world at the moment would immediately cease.

The second agenda is “Curtailment of Freedom of Press and Speech” in the UNHRC. To this day, there are nations in our world in which the citizens are afraid to talk on the streets, in fear of their words being misconstrued by passers-by, and them being punished by the government. For a self-purported civilized society, we still live in a woefully uncivilized manner. The inability to express oneself is merely one step away from the inability to express one’s distress. Undoubtedly, this is what these nations intend. If the people cannot speak, then the government can steal from them with nary a repercussion. Even though knowledge of such situations is readily available, the world is satisfied with merely watching them persist.

The third agenda is “Reform of the UNSC” in the UNGA. The UNSC is the international body tasked with addressing the loss of peace and security in any part of the globe. However, as of late, it has grown more and more irrelevant to the functioning of the contemporary world. At the top sit the five permanent members, each capable of denying any decision made by the rest of council, irrespective of whether they have a justification for doing so. The planning and dialogue between fifteen nations, ostensibly representing 193 countries, can be disrupted by the will of a single nation. If the organization tasked with safeguarding the world can be so crippled by the order of one country, it is a surprise we have managed to come this far without a Third World War.

Through these agendas, we hope to highlight the ‘might-is-right’ policy that nations seem to be operating on, and hopefully give our participants an opportunity to learn how to circumvent such hypocrisy through diplomacy. In the end, the success of this endeavor will be measured by the satisfaction of our guests.

At the start, we may have been nothing more than a rag-tag group of MUN enthusiasts, but now, we have developed into a well-oiled team, and the fruits of our labor are slowly beginning to sprout. The flurry backstage is hurtling towards a crescendo, and the show is nearly ready to begin. We hope to put on a performance that all of us enjoy, and can be proud to be a part of. In that vein, research well, and prepare yourselves, for:

The curtains rise on January 29th!

The Secretariat




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